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My Master's Research Project:

Understanding Genetics: CROSSING OVER (2018)

Research Committee:

Prof. Marc Dryer (Primary Supervisor)

Prof. Michael Corrin (Secondary Supervisor)

Dr. Maria Papaconstantinou (Content Advisor)



Undergraduate Biology Students at the University of Toronto



This educational video was created for my Master’s Research Project. The video explains the concepts of linkage and recombination. The video is intended to be used as a teaching resource in undergraduate biology class.


  1. Deliver a scientifically accurate explanation of the process, location and importance of crossing over

  2. Integrate animation and teaching strategies (e.g. narration, diagrams, examples) that facilitate knowledge retention.

  3. Capture the students interest through a playful visual style.

Client:      Dr. Maria Papaconstantiou

Medium: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Illustrator,

                Clip Paint Studio, Adobe After Effects,

                Adobe Audition

Year:       2018

MRP Diploid Haploid Final .jpg
LinkedAlleles Scene Final.jpg
Human SpermEgg FINAL.jpg
MRP Haploid Final .jpg
Spermatogenesis FINAL.jpg
MRP FamilyA FINAL.jpg
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